Sometimes, when you are working together with another photographer or a retoucher, could be handy if you are able to share your work with the others. Let’s assume, as a photographer, you have done the selection maybe assigned the metadata and you want to give your photos to the retoucher to adjust them one-by one.

Step One
First of all you need to select the photos you want to share. In this case I have selected the Studio Portraits > Female > Kaderin Constance collection but you can use any other items that are listed under Catalog Collections or User Collections.


Step Two
Right click on the item you have selected and click on the Export as Catalog… item from the appearing menu. Give it a name, select the export location (it is usually on an external hard drive or a shared folder on your machine) and click OK. When the export is finished you get a folder with all the images and modifications you have made on them. You only need to give the folder to your fellow and they can open the newly created catalog by double clicking the .cocatalogdb file in the folder