We have dreamed an exhibition that will be same as our actual situation: although we are exist, yet as if we weren’t.

The virtuality is fine, but it is not enough. Nothing other can replaces the physical reality. Neither the communities, where special important the real relationships in it’s existence and cohesion.

Because this reality does not exist now, we create an Exhibition Quarantine by the creative community of FotoFalu as a memento of this situation.

We build an exhibition at the ArtBázis to remind: you cannot experience online the physical connections each other and existing artefacts.

We perceive the emptiness that lies in the depths of virtual replacements of relationships by digital mediation.

On-line opening in live:
April 26th 2020., 16 hours – On the Facebook page of ArtBázis

Opening speech: László GÁLOS
Contributes to the cello: Laura GÖTZINGER
Calligraphy: Gábor BARÁTH

Gábor BARÁTH – Csaba BUDAVÁRI – Emese DALLOS – Szilvia DARÓCZI – István FEKETE – Enikő GÁBOR – László GÁLOS – Zoltán GYETVAI – Erika GYÖRGY – István KOMJÁTHY – Kriszta NÉMETH – Péter PETI – András SÓGOR – Illés TÓTH – Tamás VARGA – Eszter WALTON – Imre ZALKA – Zsolt ZOLNYÁNSZKI

The exhibition lasts until the emergency.
It can be viewed every day from 10 AM to 6 PM on the Facebook page of ArtBázis.
On that day when becomes possible to visit the art institutions again, we will close this exhibition.