Have you ever argued with your wife about where a photo was taken? And she must have been right. Right? Now, it’s over. I’m going to show you, how can you add GPS coordinates to any photo you have shot with any digital camera.

Step Zero

First of all, you need a GPS tracker. I use GPSlogger on my phone, but you can use any other app that able to save the track to GPX file. Start tracking your trip when you go to shoot. Lightroom is able to assign the GPS coordinates to the photo by the time it was taken.

Step One

Import your photos to Lightroom as usual and then select all of them in the Library modul. Go to the Map modul and click on the circumflex like button below the map area. Select Load Tracklog and browse the GPX file.


Step Two

Your track appears as a blue line on the map. Now, select the Add Tag x Selected Photos from the same menu.


Step Three

And… done. All your images are geotagged now, and you are able to use the search them by location in Lightroom or just click on the pins on the map to see the photos you have taken there. Easy enough, isn’t it?